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Cortonantiquaria, the Cortona antiques fair held in late August and early September

Everyone interested in buying antiques or simply admiring them should mark their calendars for Cortonantiquaria, the Cortona antiques fair held in late August and early September - 24 August until 8 September in 2013. This antiques fair has been held in Cortona every year since 1963 and is now one of the most prestigious in Italy. The exhibition is housed in the 17th century Palazzo Vagnotti, located in the centre of Cortona, between the Piazza Signorelli and the Piazza del Duomo. I know that this antiques exhibition is a highlight of each year for many owners at Borgo di Vagli and I think we can look forward to a great show again this year!

Cortonantiquaria, the Cortona antiques fair
Palazzo Vagnotti, venue of Cortonantiquaria, the Cortona antiques fair.
The quality of the antiques displayed is very high - many of them are of museum quality - and the range is considerable. The fair initially specialised in furniture as a way to raise awareness of Cortona's flourishing restoration and furniture reproduction workshops, but over the years the antiques offered for sale have come to include not only furniture, but also paintings, engravings, ceramics, jewellery, carpets, bronzes and much more.

Cortona antiques
A dealer's display at the Cortona antiques exhibition.
In addition to the main exhibition, every year there are also lectures, contemporary art and design shows and, of course, wine tastings and gastronomic events to enjoy when you are not scutinising the antiques at Cortonantiquaria. The timing of the fair has also been chosen with care, making it a popular social event following the summer holidays and taking advantage of the beautiful weather usually enjoyed in Cortona at the end of September.

Antique ceramics and fan paintings at Cortonantiquaria
Antique ceramics and fan paintings at Cortonantiquaria.
Cortona also offers an excellent monthly collectables and bric-a-brac market that takes place on the third Sunday of the month in Piazza Signorelli. A similar but much larger bric-a-brac fair in Italy takes place on the first Sunday of the month and the preceding Saturday in nearby Arezzo. Over 500 dealers usually show up, offering a vast range of collectables for sale.

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