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Tour of the roof levels of the Duomo of Siena. A unique opportunity during 2013.

Cathedral of Sienna
The Cathedral (Duomo) of Sienna
I think everyone agrees that the Cathedral of Sienna (il Duomo di Siena) is one of the most beautiful buildings in Italy, if not the world, and an incredibly rewarding one to explore. Last week, I recommended a wonderful "underground" tour of the Duomo. Today we have something even more spectacular! During 2013, for the first time, it will be possible to take a tour of the roof levels of the Duomo of Siena. Passages, balconies and other spaces high up in the structure of the cathedral will be open to small, guided groups. Until now, these parts of the Cathedral were accessible only to the architects and builders in charge of maintaining the structure over the centuries.

Tour of the roof levels of the Duomo of Siena
View of the pavement of the Duomo of Siena
The two huge towers on each side of the fa├žade of the Duomo house spiral staircases that lead up into the roof where there is a series of walkways and rooms that provide astonishing views of both the interior of the Duomo and the city of Siena outside. You will be able to look down onto the intarsia floor of the main nave and understand its design in a way that until now could only be done by means of not-very-good photographic collages. You will be able to traverse the walkway over the main altar and examine Duccio di Buoninsegna’s rose window from just a short distance away, and, of course, to walk along the balcony inside the dome of the cathedral from which there is a fabulous view of the high altar. The exterior views extend over the Basilica of St. Domenico, the Medici Fortress, the entire dome of the chapel of St. John the Baptist and the landscape of the surrounding Siennese hills.

Don't miss it!

la porta del cielo siena
The staircase up to the roof area of the Cathedral of Sienna.
The Door to Heaven Guided Tour (La Porta del Cielo)
6 April – 27 October, 2013
Reservations required: tickets per person €25, groups of max 17 people €400. Tel +39 0577 286300 (Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm) or email:

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